Ardlines Live – 28 April 2020

29 Apr
Ardlines Live – Broadcast on Ardent Association Facebook Group 28 April 2020

Ardlines Live is a new association members service in addition to our newsletters, you need to join the HMS Ardent Assocation Facebook Group to watch live streams when broadcast.

One thought on “Ardlines Live – 28 April 2020

  1. To everyone involved in the virtual reunion a big BZ.
    A bit of news on my part after 37 years of fighting with the medical world (RN) Veterans War Pension and blocking my promotion to CPOSA attendance of TWO Medical Boards, whilst still serving, I will be receiving a War Pension for my hearing loss. But I will have to pay back some compensation I received, not that they are going to back date my war pension 37 years.
    Had a medical tribunal in Edinburgh, very similar to the two medical boards I had in Plymouth, thanks to the RBL managed to get through it all with their help, needless to say they will be getting a contribution.

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