New Hanson Division Ceremony Report

10 Oct


HMS Raleigh has honoured one of our own by naming a new Division after him. Named after Shaun Hanson, Pete and Rene Hanson attended the officially opening of the new Division on 10th October supported by many of their family and members of the Association. Pete and Rene were the VIP guests at the first passing out parade for the recruits from Hanson Division.

Thank you to Lenny for providing these photographs.

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3 thoughts on “New Hanson Division Ceremony Report

  1. Wonderful tribute. And I remember that parade ground! Wasn’t as sunny and nice when I passed out!!

  2. Congratulations to the Hanson family.I hope it was a wonderful day for all concerned.I will always remember Shaun as a gentle soul and always had a smile on his face.For all our heroes still on patrol.Never forgotten.

  3. What a tribute to such a gentle person, now we have two blocks dedicated to a fine ship Ardent and Hanson the memory will live on.

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