Tony Langridge – Falklands Weapons Crew

14 Nov

The funeral of Falklands shipmate, LS(M) Tony Langridge, who passed away on the 30 October 2018 has taken place. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Tony was a key member of the ARDENT weapons crew and was an important contributor to the temporary emergency weapon systems that were provided on the upper deck to help support anti-aircraft fire. Tony also shared Richie Gough’s ‘gung-ho’ love of missiles, and between them had a plan that if they ever trod on Falkland soil weapons for a land battle where also made ready. Tony borrowed a metal tube from the dockyard and hid it in his messdeck, waiting for the moment to convert it into an anti-tank weapons launcher, using the three-inch chaff rockets as ammunition. This moment never came but it was planned for as well as many other preparations that Tony contributed to the readiness of ARDENT for the Falklands war and, along with AB Steve Strachan, manned the Port LMG machine gun during the Battle for Falkland sound on the 21 May 1982.

After ARDENT Tony went on to serve on a variety of ships and left the Royal Navy as a Chief Petty Officer Gunner.

Tony’s funeral took place on Friday 16th November at Weston Mill, Plymouth. His family and friends were joined by members of the ARDENT Association, former colleagues from the Royal Navy for the service which also included eight RNA standard bearers.

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