The Falklands Islands Memorial Chapel Annual Service 2019

The next Annual Service will be held at 12 noon on Sunday 16th June 2019. Bookings can be made using this form on the Chapel website. Need a helping hand? The Trustees would like to hear from any family members or veterans who would like to attend but who are or have been unable due to financial hardship… Read More »

Jon Major 2018 visit to the Falklands

The reason I never made it to last year’s reunion. On Wednesday 16th May, along with 2 friends from Hull, Alan Taylor (Royal Signal Regiment) and Mike Harman (HMS Hecla) we travelled to RAF Brize Norton for a flight to the Falkland Islands. After a slight delay we took off at 0110 and after a brief stopover at… Read More »

Tony Langridge – Falklands Weapons Crew

The funeral of Falklands shipmate, LS(M) Tony Langridge, who passed away on the 30 October 2018 has taken place. Our condolences to his family and friends. Tony was a key member of the ARDENT weapons crew and was an important contributor to the temporary emergency weapon systems that were provided on the upper deck to help support anti-aircraft… Read More »